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Since 2007, the Deutsche Post DHL stands by its promise to pay a significant part of the construction costs for the Festspielhaus. In a complex international competition, numerous highly renowned architects submitted their designs. A panel of judges selected two of the submitted proposals; the best designs. Because of the uncertain political situation, the Deutsche Post does not make announcements about the Festspielhaus.


When the current director of the Beethoven Festival, Ilona Schmiel, came to Bonn in 2003, the realization of the Festspielhaus was well on track. For the Beethoven Festival it would be glorious to have the anniversary of Beethoven’s 250th birthday in the Festival Hall. It would be the ultimate goal to set the eyes of the world on Beethoven's birthplace .


The association Festspielhaus Friends was founded in 2009 with the aim to inform policymakers and the public about the benefits and opportunities of the project in Bonn. Chairman is Dr. Monika Wulf- Mathies.


The network Ludwig van B. is a group of musically active schools and cultural institutions engaged in Bonn and the surrounding area , with the aim of introducing young people to demanding music and to familiarize them with our cultural tradition. For a musically secure future the Festpielhaus is a landmark for young musicians in Bonn and the surrounding area.


The "Bürger für Beethoven e.V. " ,with over 1,100 members, is the largest cultural association in Bonn. In 1995, 1997 and 1998 they have laid a foundation for today’s Beethoven Festival with their "Beethoven Marathon ". Since 2008, the association is involved with numerous events for the Festival Hall .


Founded in 2011, the group is an association of nearly all civic clubs that organize funding and support of the Bonn cultural scene, they see themselves as a public lobby for the outstanding culture in Bonn. The group fights against excessive budget cuts in culture area and has spoken strongly for the necessity of a Festival Hall.


The International Beethoven Foundation supports outstanding cultural projects and events that raise the profile and the international importance of Bonn as a cultural center, particularly as the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven. The funds raised will benefit particular projects and events designed to accompany and complement the annual International Beethoven Festival. The projects are expected to have a regional response, promote international cooperation and thus make an important contribution to the cultural attractiveness of Bonn as the seat of international organizations and as an international conference center." (Extract from statutory purpose paragraph 3)
The objective is consistent with the extent of the construction of the Festspielhaus.


For the Beethoven Orchestra the Beethoven Hall has been their home and venue since its construction. Due to many restrictions by using a multi-purpose hall and thus resulting in altered optical and acoustic requirements for a present-day and future audience, the orchestra has long been craving a worthy concert hall, where they can be worthy of their Patron.


The "Ludwigschor" is an association of members of the Beethoven Orchestra that have a wider reportoire than carnival and dialect songs. Initiator, composer and lyricist of the choir is the oboe soloist of the orchestra: Volker Kriegsman. With the sale of their new CD of the Ludwigs Choir they support the innitiave " 5000 for Beethoven".


On the initiative of the hotel and restaurant sector in Bonn, 20 buissnesses joined together on the 21st of June 2013 to help finance the Festspielhaus in Bonn.



Beethoven Music Plus stands for special musical projects in the city and the region of Bonn. Often outside the usual confines of the genre boundaries, often even outside the usual concert life. The club also organizes fundraising concerts for the benefit of the Festspielhaus.