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To raise that much money is the goal of the Initiative „5000 for Beethoven“, founded by the Bonn Chamber of Commerce President Wolfgang Grießl and his friends. In the shortest possible time 5000 Beethoven and Bonn lovers should be found regionally and globally to donate €5000 each for the construction of the Beethoven Festspielhaus Bonn over 5 years; €1000 per year. Through their donations and dedicated principal investors, in particular the Deutsche Post AG, the construction of a Beethoven Festspielhaus in Bonn at the highest architectural and acoustical level is going to be possible.

In 2009 an international competition of star architect designs was held and a distinguished jury selected two winning designs.

One is now waiting to be realized with your help. The property developer will be completely private, which excludes risks for the city and citizens and uses the experience of the Deutsche Post AG -main sponsor of the project - with cost management of such construction projects.
The theme " 5000 for Beethoven ," approaches Beethoven lovers regionally, nationally and later worldwide: 5,000 people are to donate €1000 p.a. for 5 years to the construction of the new Beethoven Festspielhaus in Beethoven‘s native city and thus contribute an amount of €25 milion in total as a civic contribution to the overall financing. The Bonn citizenship and many Beethoven-friends in Germany and around the world are setting a visible sign of the city of Beethoven, Bonn.

Unquestionably, 5,000 euros is an amount that cannot be afforded by everone whenever wanted. A payment of installments spread over several years in any amount is therefore also asked for.

Of course, smaller donations are very welcome. They will be combined into €5000 blocks by the association. Any other regular donations of any amount are also always possible: for example, €500 per year or €250 per month for companies.

Thus, anyone can join in this group of sponsors and donors according to their possibilities. The initiative is thankful for every euro and every commitment. We promise: It always finds its appropriate and well-deserved use. It does not matter whether one euro or one million euros are donated - as it has already been done by the well-known travel company "Phoenix" from Bonn.
Let's change words into actions -

With thought to the 250th Birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven in 2020: help us, if you love Beethoven and other world-class music, to let it find a new home in Bonn .

Your generosity will be rewarded. For example, by naming names in the Beethoven Festspielhaus, you will recieve privileges for opening concerts. (see Benefit)