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Ludwig van Beethoven. His name means a lot to music worldwide. He represents stunning symphonies and a diverse body of work that is eternal and of imperishable brilliance forever. Beethoven's artistic career began in his native city, Bonn, which wishes to be a good home for the most renowned man native to Bonn in the future - culturally and musically.


To Bonn, Beethoven is a gift. Beethoven can distinguish his native city as a cultural and educational center and provide it with an icon, both nationally and internationally. Bonn does not only count on Beethoven as far as its own cultural identity , but also on economic strength. For example as a magnet for tourism, as a worthy setting for the convention industry in the United Nations and the federal city and an important factor for the Bonn economics and science that must attract international skilled workers and managers. Thus, the long-term commitment to Beethoven is a good investment and a locational factor that pays off daily for Bonn and the region including the Rhein-Sieg Kreis, the Ahrkreis and anything located between Koblenz and Cologne. This is also true for the Bonn-based Dax and TecDax companies, as well as for the small company sector. The services and the crafts industries will benefit greatly from an attractive region.